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Enjoy our new shooting game and fight in a real space battle!

Do you know a 2D space shooter in which you face a single powerful opponent instead of masses of mindless drones? A PC game which requires elaborate ship handling with energy redirection, shield adjustments, independent firing of multiple weapon systems, realistic maneuvering in space and much more? A faithful, yet superior, successor to old time classics allowing for complete vessel customization including engines, generators, batteries, weapons, shields, energy batteries and hull? An infinitely addictive experience letting you crave for more power at every single moment?

We don’t! That’s why we are creating it.

Top Blast is an original 2D space shooter game for PC. You, an unknown pilot, will compete in several tournaments taking place on different planets. In each tournament, you will face various opponents with uniquely equipped ships. The computer opponent AI will be trained by advanced machine learning algorithms our company specializes at. As such, each opponent will be a challenge. No cheap tricks will work.

Using the credits from your winnings, you will upgrade your ship or buy a new model. Only with a strong ship and unparalleled skills will you stand a chance against powerful opponents in ever tougher tournaments.

Will you be able to win every single tournament and become the champion of Top Blast?

Unique spaceship management

Collect credits, buy new weapons, upgrade subsystems and get the best ship in the game. 

In our new shooter game, you can upgrade these spaceship subsystems:

Power Generator

Determines the total energy produced each second to be used by other subsystems.

Become the champion of an unforgettable battle

Fight one on one and defeat your opponent. 

Within the battle, you can:


The movement features realistic space inertia so it takes skill to get your ship where you want it to be.

Fire a weapon group

Weapon groups are configurable and fully under your control.

Configure energy output

To engines, shields or weapons, respectively.

Configure shield power

Forward and aft.

Eject before the ship is destroyed

But don’t worry. You, pilot, are always safe thanks to arena protection mechanisms.

Get your skills ready, our spaceship PC game is not easy

Top Blast is no easy win. You will need your skills, as the space simulation game will provide maximum realism and fun.

  • There is no option to replay anything. What happens, happens.
  • You need to repair ship damage from the battles. If you can afford it, that is.
  • If your ship is destroyed, you need to buy a new one. If you don’t have the money. It’s a game over for you.

Support our 2D space shooter on Kickstarter

We have invested a lot of our funds into the project already and are prepared to continue to do so but cannot do it alone. We need your help. If we have drawn your interest, please support our space simulation game on Kickstarter, every contribution counts. If we get funded, we will be delighted to give out some cool rewards.