One ship. One space tournament. Infinite possibilities.

One ship. One space tournament. Infinite possibilities.

Try our new shooter game and enjoy a unique gaming experience

Join a space tournament, customize your ship, collect special weapons, and immerse in an infinitely addictive space simulation game full of difficult flying maneuvers and blasts.

Show your skills

Control energy redirection, shield adjustments, independent firing of multiple weapon systems, realistic maneuvering in space and much more.

Customize your ship

Use credits from your winnings to upgrade every part of your ship - weapons, engines, generators, batteries, shields and more.

Outstanding graphic design

The outstanding graphic design of unique planets, spaceships and weapons will enhance your experience to the maximum.

Powerful opponents

Instead of masses of mindless drones, face powerful opponents trained by the AI. Only with a strong ship and unparalleled skills will you stand a chance against them.


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We need your help

We want to create a superb 2D shooter game with remarkable graphics and elaborate control possibilities. But we cannot do it alone. Please support us and help us finish the development.

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